Who can take part?
It's a first-come first-served system and we have 40 places. We want to provide a good level of personal attention so we will split the group into three smaller teams, based on school year groups. The 'Rascals' from Yr 1/2, the 'Scallywags' from Yr 3/4 and the 'Rapscallions' from Yr 5/6. Each team will rotate between our specialists and then we'll put the talents together!
When is it and what are the timings?
Monday 19th - Friday 23rd August 2019.We'll work every day from 10am - 3pm, with a lunch break in the middle. If you want a bit more time to work in the garden though, you can drop your children off at 9am and collect them at 5pm for a small extra fee. We will provide fun and games to fill the time. On the Friday afternoon you will all be invited to come and watch our work in the school hall!
What does it cost?
It's £200* for the whole week and it's important that everyone is there for the full week so that we can all work together on the show - there's a lot to do! If you want to drop off earlier and collect later, it's an extra £6 per day. We ask you to provide a packed lunch, but we will provide extra refreshments and snacks. We will also throw in a Herries Showtime Summer School t-shirt for free!
What can I expect to see on the Friday afternoon?
Leading up to the performance, all three teams will work intensively between music, dance and drama. We will also do some creative writing so that we can incorporate original stories into the piece. Our job is to weave together a performance that showcases all these skills. We will provide professional sound and lighting as well as basic costume to bring it to life. 
*If you have more than one child, we offer a 20% discount on the second place and only one fee for wrap-around care