Welcome to the Herries Showtime Summer School!

19th - 23rd August 2019

Open to ALL local children


I've been working in the arts for nearly 15 years as an actor, writer and musician. A couple of years ago my wife and I decided to come back to Berkshire (where I grew up) and so we moved to lovely Cookham. Thanks to my mum, Jami Castell, I started working at Herries in October 2017 as a peripatetic teacher and have been more and more involved with the school ever since. I now have over 25 pupils, run a School of Rock club and enjoy rehearsing and playing for the school concerts. I think the wealth of talent at the school is tremendous, I think the pupils have so much to give and I'm sure that the same level of talent and energy is in evidence all around the local area! So, inspired by the exceptional talent of Marianné Mackey and with the help of my inspiring wife Zoë, I decided to start a summer school. Oh, and I got my mum involved as well. Our mission is simple: to provide local children with an opportunity to create a fantastic show in five days. With music, dance, story-telling and drama we will wow parents from all around with a spectacular showcase. This year's theme is 'Carnival' - what better way to finish your summer than with a joyous colourful celebration of life. I hope you're inspired to join. Let's create something fantastic.
Rob Castell - Director